Verein kleioforum

The expert committee brings together personalities from the cultural and creative industries who are committed to safeguarding and making cultural knowledge visible and who contribute to the further development and dissemination of kleio.

Romano Strebel
Martin Schick
Daniel Morgenthaler
Aldo Caviezel
Bice Curiger
Raphael Rossel
Antonio Scarponi
Veronika Marxer
Eva Pauline Bossow
Jacqueline Uhlmann
Christoph Elias Meier
Diana Alvarez-Marin
Maud Châtelet
Bärbel Küster
Fosca Tóth
Matthias von Orelli
Jacqueline Bourckhardt
Leo Zorc
Michel Vust
Dimitri De Perrot
Mia Odermatt